Sunday, August 07, 2022

will moo swing his allegiance?


Look like it

The scarecrow will not fulfill his promise

The Moo gang can shout all they want

Azzmin they propose to become DPM

It will not sit well with the wolves

They don't want to deal with Azzmin

There will be no compromise on this issue

Maybe Moo gang have to lick their wounds

Look like it

The scarecrow will follow his party elders advice

The DPM post will be left vacant

As Moo proposed a wrong candidate

Why should Moo leave his party deputy president?

He should be the likely candidate than Azzmin

The wolves may welcome him to the post

The wolves will not welcome Azzmin at any costs

Now will Moo swing his allegiance?

He has to decide within a week or two

Because scarecrow will not want to displease his party elders

Moo should pull out his support to the wolves but will he?

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