Saturday, August 13, 2022

the gatekeepers


The gatekeepers

The line of one race

You think it will be fair?

Saying bad about other religions?

The Constitution states it clearly

The Secular nation with religious freedom

Yet in our every day living we will hear

The insults hurled at other faiths

The hundred of police reports lodged

Yet the men in blue walk in turtle form

They will take a long while to get there

A case in Sarawak over 200 days still no action

Even the state governments ignore it

Even the Federal government closes an eye

As long as it involves own religion against other faiths

Nothing seems to be done to charge the offenders

Even the AGC will not charge these culprits

They will close the file and give the excuses

Conveniently ignore the Sedition Act or the Penal Code

Because it involves their own religious kind

The voters must see the wrong

They shouldn't let the bad getting off free

Time to change for the good of the nation

Else we will pay for our inaction and closing our eyes

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