Monday, August 08, 2022

the story


The story

Every one has many to tell

Every subject under the sun

But politics always gives us

Many tales to digest in our lives

The scandals hit the nation

The corruption index goes high

The 1MDB and the navy ships

The tales of billions gone

The women treated as second class

They can't pass their rights to their children

The tales of the unfairness cited in the Constitution

Had our forefathers really wanted it that way?

The Atlantuya murder case

Over a decade the case still unsettled

Who ordered the hit on her?

The judge didn't answer it

Now there is the civil suit against the government

One player refused to testify though he is directly involved in affair

It will show he has more to hide than he wanted to share

The story of Atlantuya case must need a closure

The story of back door

How they plotted to steal

The people's mandate

Now we face our woes

The story

The bad vibrations

The world laugh at us

The shame we can't hide

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