Thursday, December 26, 2019

it is best to share

Champion for a race
It leads us nowhere
It only brings us disunited
When the Mother-ship wants
To stay on course for a better day

Champion for a race
These people should learn history
There are many case studies to be learned
How it cause misery, chaos and sadness
The study case of Germany in WW2

it is best to read the scriptures
Study it in total sincerity of its contents
Learn to differentiate the good prophets and the bad
Learn how God will punish the fake prophets
As it has been recorded for our times

Champion for a race
It is the selfishness to feel superior
By the numbers in statistics
As if this is how the control work
Look in China she has her problems too

It is best to share
The wealth of the nation
The cultures, values, friendship and unity
Respect each other faiths; show tolerance in diversity
No need to shout we are the majority!

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