Thursday, December 12, 2019

who is afraid of anwar become pm?

Who is afraid of Anwar become PM?
This is the thrust of the issue
There is another complaint by a young man
He filed his SD quickly assisted by a prominent lawyer

He made his press conference
Now who could arrange all of it?
He alone could not play his card
It is arranged by a person to fix up Anwar

Now police open a file
Interview the man so quickly
Hoping to fix up Anwar
Another backdoor on the way?

On the whole
It is to discredit Anwar
He went to jail for sodomy 1 and 2
All had the elements of organized plan

At the age of 72 years old
Anwar is again facing his familiar charge
The fixing up of sodomy 3?
Find the master planner!

People say money talk
Money can influence people to say
Many untruth tales for the money
Find the master fixer then!

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