Thursday, December 26, 2019

don't play the double standards

The double standards
The Old Man backs to his self
He is suppose to change
But he gets in his world

He should change his ways
At his age he may not be
Putting him up as interim PM
He forgets to infuse the changes

He attended the Malay Dignity Congress
He let his statement fly as it is
The rest of the attendees went off course
Hitting the Non-Malays

He didn't reprimand them
He allowed it to happen
He forgot we are Malaysians
Everyone has a role to play

Now when the Non-Malay try
To organize their own congress
He sounded he isn't happy with it
It may create chaos” he says

This country is Malaysia
It isn't belonging to a race
It chains all the beautiful colours together
Together we should make her progress and smiling

Don't play the double standards game
It will not benefit the nation
The attitude of a race must change
We are the nation of Malaysia

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