Friday, December 20, 2019

Azilah should get his retrial

Azilah should get his retrial
There are many issues need to be addressed
He opened up on his SD
AGC should get to the bottom of it

Justice must be done
Though Azilah was convicted by the Federal Court
But the public want to know who ordered the killing
The courts never give the answer

The parties involved weren't called
Azilah should get his retrial
Atlantuya too will have her day
Though she was shot dead blown to pieces

The crime committed
But the ring leaders aren't arrested
The police officers could't do it without orders
They hardly knew the victim at all

Moreover, the immigration records were deleted
Somebody has to answer for it for the records
So Azilah should have his retrial in court
The country needs to close this sad chapter

Let the court find the ring leaders
They need to be identified in court
Azilah will be the best person to say it in his retrial
Let him have his retrial

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