Monday, December 16, 2019

too many illegals

Too many illegals
How they could arrive here?
It comes down to immigration
Why no follow up actions?

Granted many enter as tourists
Then they disappear from the radar
Knowing the authorities don't check
The illegals increase in numbers

The police talk of rat routes
Where the illegals can enter easily to our shores
Since the authorities know it
What actions have been done to curb it?

The ad-hoc raids
It will not deter the illegals
They will return using different names
The immigration must plug the loopholes

Some illegals marry the locals
They shouldn't be allowed to stay
They enter illegally so they have to go
With husbands or wives and children

The authorities must act swiftly
Polio, TB and robberies hike the scene
Block the porous entry routes
Weed out the corrupted officials

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