Monday, December 09, 2019

fix the economy

Fix the economy
Talk less on the political intrigue
The next General Election isn't in the corner
PH government should start marching

The guide lines in the manifesto
They shouldn't lose sight of it
This is the mandate on the promises
They need to get cracking

To get it moving
PH has to fix the weak economy
Though the nation isn't the only one
Other countries are facing the dilemma too

But don't allow it as an excuse
The economy must be the bench mark
The PH leaders should work on it
Don't harp on the transition of power

Let the time and day arrive
Let the Old Man decide the moment
He should know what is interim meant
He doesn't need to twist and turn on his statements

Fix the economy
This is where the manifesto can be achieved
The PH leaders mustn't entangle unnecessary issues
Get this done all will fall in place

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