Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Atlantuya case has to close

Atlantuya case has to close
The murderers must be found and sentenced
The change of government will lead the way
Find the murderers before the nation can progress

Atlantuya was murdered in 2006
In the court case the real murderers weren't identified
The judge didn't report his finding of who they are
The two police officers were the fallen guys

Atlantuya still waiting for her justice
It has been 13 years since she was blown to pieces
Some reports claimed she was pregnant
It was the way to burn all traces of DNA

The family filed suit for $100 million
Against the government and the people involved
The case is on-going currently in court
Azilah's explosive SD will be the ground of evidence

The murderers will be identified
The police must investigate thoroughly on the case
Azilah was the former Chief Inspector in the police force
He couldn't tell lies when he is in prison

Atlantuya the Mongolian beauty
She isn't going away
She needs to get her justice
Before her soul can be free to return

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