Sunday, December 08, 2019

let AA and his gang go

AA and his gang
They better leave PKR
They have no love for the party
They want to create chaos

There is only one tiger on the mountain
It is his territory to rule with his paws
Once another tiger wants to rule
There will be no peace but troubles

PKR president shouldn't wait
The last minute truce can't last
For a slight criticism AA and his group leave
It shows they aren't interested in PKR

Let AA and his group be sacked
They are asking for it to themselves
AA has forgotten his root in politics
It is best to let him go

His mind isn't with PKR
In his whole being he goes to Bersatu
This is why he created problems in his party
He just wanted to be kicked out

PKR president takes your whip
Let the bad apples go
There is no reason to let them stay
They have made too many headaches

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