Friday, December 13, 2019

the mistresses of men

The mistresses of men
Why go into this kind relationship?
They will know the outcome of it
They will not gain much in the end

When the men are alive
The mistresses can live a good life
Everything provided by the men
They can live in an easy time

Maybe some give the men children
Maybe some don't have any to show
They will live believing the men will provide
Until such times when the men are gone

Then the problems will start
The mistresses will find they are on their own
Finding it hard to live the lives they are used to
Now the legal wives will exert their rights

The mistresses will have no legal rights
They can claim they are married to the men
Unless they profess the religion of Islam
Otherwise they don't have much chances

The Marriage and Divorce Act 1976 apply
For the civil marriages to the Non-Malays
The Non-Malays can't marry a second wife
They will face a jail of 7 years

So, the mistresses of men
They go into matrimony without legal rights
It is the lust of men to satisfy their own
As mistresses they live on the wrong track

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