Friday, December 27, 2019

rule of law

The Old Man
Off his road
He can't dance the cha cha
He has forgotten his notes

He pokes his nose
Other countries interests
He shouldn't have to do
He has no business interests

It is because of Islam
He thinks he has his right to speak up
But the people living there
They are that country problems to contain

Back home he has Zakir Naik
India wants back her man
He refuses to give in
Yet he says he believes in rule of law!

J Low happily runs free
The other country adopts his style
Though he grumbles about it
He forgets he shields Zakir Naik

Anwar shouldn't wait anymore
The Old Man has lost foresight
Age has finally caught up with him
He can't see the bigger picture

In his age he will talk in his religion
He will want to earn his credits before he leaves
This is what old people will try to do
Living in the kampong then the old folks would say to me

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