Friday, December 27, 2019

be like Casanova

Hot girls
The men will sweat
Many will stare
With lusts in their minds

Approaching these girls
The men don't have the know
The old tricks can't work
They will sweat when the women say “No!”

Hot girls
Want to be approached
But not with the same old ways
They will not feel wanted

Buy drinks or presents
Saying all the nicest things
It is old school of ways
Learn like the Casanovas

Confident, adventurous, playful
Let these women laugh the path is cleared
Don't think of the hot girls pretty
Think of them like any other women

The men should stay natural
No built in cabinet type of moves
Say what comes naturally
The hot women will like it

The men should be like Casanovas
Never take rejection as a failure
Build it on for the better game
Learn the ways come to play again

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