Monday, December 16, 2019

the stray cats

The stray cats
Running to the garden
They will urine and poo
I have to do the work

The cat experts say
Feed the stray cats
They will not be naughty
They will not urine and poo

So I did
All the male cats came
I could give them names
Watching them arrived

Though urine and poo
It became less in the end
Urine still happened occasionally
The stray cats knew the place

In time one by one disappeared
I could guess they were poisoned
The last male black cat hasn't shown up
For nearly a month since November

Now I have female cats
These cats belong to the Malay family
They will hop in the morning and evening
Waiting for food at the main door

But the black cat
I can't see him loitering around
He is totally disappeared in his usual grounds
I can only conclude he too has disappeared

Urine and poo
It all depends on the cats
It can't be 100% true
Even if we feed the strays

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