Monday, December 30, 2019

the street fighters

The street fighters
The silence in vocal codes
They aren't saying as much
They forget how to shout!

Muted in hungry of power
They walk in the corridor
Breathing in their new found fame
The vocal voices keep low!

Now the extremists hit the road
Using religion and race again
The street fighters know it well
During their heydays they fought it

With words and law
With Constitution to deny it
Yet the extremists merely smile
They know the blues will not act

The street fighters must realize
Behind the scenes are the former members
Galloping in the ray of light
Yet they too stay quiet on race and religion

The street fighters in the coalition
Don't let fame burrow into your principles
The people aren't going to stay quiet
They don't want the extremists to play their cards

Look at the green moon
Its leaders claimed its race are the first
They don't learn history at all
It was the Hindus Empires ruled then

Before the Hindus were the original people
They settled here way before the other races
Even the Malacca Empire originally were Hindus
Until its leaders converted to Islam

The street fighters
Don't change your code of arms
You are the voices to defend the nation
So stay on course though in power now

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