Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Atlatuya seeking her justice

Atlantuya seeking her ways
The man made forces can't stop her
She needs to close her chapter
Until she gets the persons who did her in

Since she was blown to pieces in 2006
She is fighting to get her justice
The two police officers were sentence to hang
But one escaped to Australia

She isn't looking for the police officers
She is seeking the persons involved in her murder
She died young on our land
A foreigner who came to get her commission

She didn't get her due
She was shot and blown by C4
The judge didn't say who ordered
It was left open in the pages

Now Azilah sworn by his SD
He is in death row he has nothing to lose
He wants his redemption
He just followed orders

Of course the persons named couldn't agree
One says it is a fabrication to fix him
As what he said about 1MDB he did no wrong
Today he is facing trial of his numerous charges

Atlantuya wants her justice
The pieces slowly surface in the air
Azilah gave his explosive SD
Now the police has to act on it

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