Monday, December 23, 2019

the Macau scam

The Macau scam
Malaysians still duped into it
Don't they realize they don't have to worry?
Put a call to the relevant agencies

The latest victim a woman
She emptied her account of nearly $200k
Believing she will be charged under Amla
She was so scared she carried out her tasks

The Macau scam syndicate took her money
She only realized when the man asked for more
Now she lost her saving and old age looks bleak
The Macau scam hits you on your fear

I had received calls
Asking me to settle my summons
I cut off the caller knowing I have none
Some used recorded messages in Malay language

The police should be able to weed out the syndicate
They have their phone numbers and bank accounts
Trace it through the banks and Telco companies
Is that difficult to do on investigation?

The Macau scam
Ignore the calls
It is fishing on your fear
A factor can work most of the times

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