Monday, December 09, 2019

the old man wants his way

The Old Man claps his hands
He feels good knowing the cracks
Cruising in PKR as he waits to collect
The wayward souls to his house

The age has walked
Yet his mind full of plans
The spots haven't changed
He is at his elements again

The master of the game
He isn't going to fall asleep
It will keep him sharp and alive!
It's his dream in the fast lane

The Old Man wants his chair
He doesn't want to let go yet
He always says he has unfinished business
He can't be gone anytime soon

The red and white will have to
The secret Trojan Horses will unleash
The implosion will hit hard in the party
Though right now the members are branded

Don't write off the master of the game
Don't make a mistake to let him have a free hand
He will chain you to the pole every day
You can't move but only shout expletives

Anwar should walk with alertness
The party is in two camps
AA and his gang tilted to Bersatu
He shouldn't get drunk on transition of power

Watch the master
Old age doesn't say he is weak
His mind is sharp with quick retort
Don't let him move in his own way

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