Saturday, December 14, 2019

he came like a comet

Goodbye Rafizi Ramli
He came like a comet
He hit the scenes
He got in the news

He got entangle with the law
He spent sometimes in jail
He wanted a fair playing field
He exposed the bad dealings

But those years were different
Amno baru controlled the areas
He exposed the corruption
Yet he was sent to jail

May 9 2018
He made the inroads
PH won the government
Through his efforts

Now the infighting in his party
He doesn't like to get involved
He quits politics to concentrate his business
He wants to pursue his personal goals

Maybe he isn't cut out to be
The politician who can stand the fire and storm
He feels the heat in his head
He decides to quit politics

Goodbye Rafizi Ramli
He did try but it isn't enough
He can't take the heat
He is like a comet

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