Thursday, December 19, 2019

don't use God's name

Don't use God's name
For your own bad sins
Don't swear in God's home
He will not recommend it

People who use it
They should know
The punishment will come
Not today but tomorrow

Man's businesses
Let them settle it in court
It has nothing to do with God
God only interests in religions

Swearing in the House of God
It is a one way ticket episode
It is to let the person feel good
He hasn't committed any crimes

By swearing in God's name
The person has already admitted his sin
Don't use God's name to get a right
The punishment will come in later years

The guilty should face it in court
Argue his case to proof his innocence
Let the judge weigh on the evidence presented
Don't swear in the House of God the crimes will not disappear

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