Wednesday, December 25, 2019

the country finance

The country's finance needs to gear up
The financial mess left behind needs to be addressed
All allowances need to be reviewed and axed
Those involved should take it in their strides

Of course there will be grumblings
It is a natural behaviour pattern
They don't see the bigger picture
The nation needs to survive

Some argue cut the ministers pay and allowances
With it the critical allowance can be given
It is robbing Paul to pay Mary
It will not solve the nation woes

The nation's economy is surviving
Though facing the onslaught of head winds
The world's economy isn't facing a rosy ride
There are too many political headwinds to fight

The red dragon and green moon
What these politicians know?
They are fishing for their survival
The nation comes first don't they forget!

In the bad times
We let it happen under our watch
Until it became worst we decided to wake up
So we changed the government but the debts stay

By then the economy was going down
The world leaders too are facing the economic woes
It is time to tightened our belts and sacrifices
Until the good times rolling in

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