Sunday, December 08, 2019

the assets declaration

The Parliament Speaker
Time to take out your whip
Take the appropriate actions
On members of Parliament

The assets declaration
The August House passed the resolution
All members must declare their assets
Within certain months to the Speaker

Those recalcitrants must be severely dealt with
There is no reason for them to disobey orders
It will show by their actions they have something to hide
The Speaker mustn't let them whip free

These errant members must be punished
Get them to face the Disciplinary Committee
With a view to punish them severely
Maybe revoke them of their status

Get Macc to haul them in
Compel them to declare their assets
Macc officials should move right in
Showing no double standards

The assets declaration
The members must obey orders
Once they refuse to follow
Sack or discipline them severely

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