Thursday, December 26, 2019

the year coming to a close

The year is coming to a close
Some will cry; some will jump with joy
Others will not care what's the fuss about
They will say tomorrow is just another day to live

A successful life doesn't say a good sex life
There are successful men straying out in time
No doubt they have made it but at a price
They forget about of how to improve their sex rights

There are religious people who fall too
They can quote scriptures flowing out in connections
But in real life these people betray themselves
They lust of women or men in their minds

The scandals of famous or ordinary folks
With the streaming videos so easily filmed
The shame for the victims and time will heal
But the videos will stay for life

Floods, haze and bush fires
The story of climate change in our lives
We forget to care for Nature
Now Nature hit us with her anger

Friends stay; friends go
Leaving with their legacy
Leaving with their footprints
Remembering them though out of sight

The year will blast off
With fire works in the sky or in the mind
In 2020 a new decade to chase our lives
Don't forget to stop, breathe and appreciate

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