Sunday, December 22, 2019

the tale of lies

The lies we hear
The liars don't care
It is to save their own skins
They don't care they commit sins

Even they go to the religious oaths
The gathering of his zombie supporters
They read out their written ritual mantras
They think God will support their acts

It is a selfish act
They don't need the publicity
In a whole they know the consequences
They will face their demons

If they are truly innocence
They should pray quietly without attraction
As it is they showed their shallowness
And they think God will help them?

The lies they spin
Go to God's homes to take religious oaths
They can fool their zombie supporters
They can't fool the court of law!

Man's problems Man decides
God's problems God act on it
No need for the religious oaths
It is just a publicity for additional sin

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