Tuesday, December 31, 2019

don't let poor make sleepless night

Don't let poor
Make a life miserable
Don't put blame
In the family

There is always a reason
Why some born rich and some poor
Some from rich to some to destitute
It is to learn and earn the experiences well

Know too that everyone isn't born equal
Some need to work on it to attain status in life
Others may born into a silver spoon families
Later years they suffer in destitute in living

As the pursue of wants continue
The daily challenges will not stop flowing
There will be ups and downs in life
Along the way don't forget God

Everything He makes and distributes
He isn't going to close his eyes mind
He will reward those who work on it
The fools will get nothing but beggars will gains

So don't let poor
Bring the dreams down
Work on it and believe it
There is always a light shining

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