Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Rafizi quits politics

Rafizi quits politics
He can't take the heat
Spewing up in his face
In politics he must be brave

A person can't hope
For others to defend him
He is on his own
To face the law and his demon

Some may like to play
Behind the scenes to support
Rafizi shouldn't feel slighted
He should know it is politics

Nothing stay permanent
Nothing stay forever
The good work will repeat once
The bad will say over many times

Politics is an art
How one perceive its form
The heat is every where
But Rafizi wants to go

He may have his potential
By quiting politics he has his flaws
He can't take the heat in real politics
He had been through but he could't carry it

He should learn from Anwar
Black eye imprisoned for years
Yet Anwar doesn't quit
He carries on fighting his cause

Politics has no friends or enemies
Some like comets bright and shine
Later in life they can't be heard
They can't take the kitchen heat

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