Sunday, December 22, 2019

the neighbour's cats

The neighbour's cats
They always jump over the fence
Meowing for food
I use to feed other cats

Those stray cats gone
All disappeared one by one
The last one the black cat
I don't see him nearly two months

I can only conclude he shifts his base
Or he has been poisoned picking up food
Like the rest of the stray cats I fed before
I suspected they were poisoned

Now these female cats
The neighbour hardly gives enough food
So they jump over the fence
Hoping to get fed

Of course I fed these cats
For weeks they had their food
Until they became naughty
I had to chase them away

Now these neighbour cats stay away
They know they aren't welcome to receive food
They have to learn how to behave
Else they have to stay at their home base

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