Monday, December 23, 2019

the flow of Christmas

Flow of Christmas
The sights and sound
Ushering the yearly affair
The children will enjoy the gathering

The unfortunate ones will despair
The presents may not come this time
The economic in the world isn't in good shape
They have to accept to receive nothing

But setback isn't permanent
There will be good Samaritans to cheer
The rain may not fall these few days
It doesn't say the floods will go away

Among friends and families
The Christmas flow will light their lives
Bathe in the light of Lord Jesus
Granting them good health and prosperity

This is the end of year reflection
Some good; some bad; some ugly
Nothing has changed the light still shines
Christmas will bring the cheers

Merry Xmas to all
Learn to live with patience and tolerance
Learn to live like Job
Everything will be good

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