Friday, December 20, 2019

the law has no distinction

The law has no distinction
When a law is passed
It takes on its own terms and life
It owes nobody a living

Nobody is above a law
Not even the leaders of nations
When these leaders commit a crime
They have to face their consequences

The law will come alive
When there is a crime involving the law
As such nobody can run away or hide
He has to face his demons head on

No need to spend on lawyers
When it is a clear cut wrong
Unless there is an element of a doubt
A lawyer will come to argue on it

Now the US President is wrong
He shouldn't use his office to abuse it
He knows it is wrong but he will deny
Now Congress passed to impeach the President

This shows democracy at work
No leader is above the law
Once they break its ranks
They have to face the court

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