Sunday, December 29, 2019

the change at a slow rate

The singing of sad songs
It hasn't changed to a new
The nation still hears the old record
Playing the kind of songs we dislike

PH must reinvent itself
The leaders must change their outlook
Going to the old system of playing
It will not work at all

This was the reason why
We kicked out Bee Anne
Let the parties bite the dust
We mustn't allow them to come back

But PH leaders have forgotten
The hard battles fought in the past
Once in the shoes of power
They seem to float around

Partly they can hint at the Old Man
The Old work horse hasn't changed
The rate he is going with his way
He may try to run down PH

The old songs must change
It brings no much changes on the ground
We see the double standards rearing its head
This isn't the way to administering our nation

By 2020 we hope the gearing up changes
The last 18 months of PH leave much bad publicity
All because of the Old Man's way of doing things
PH leaders get the act together and run the manifesto

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