Friday, December 27, 2019

the city of lonely souls

The city of lonely souls
The day of work; the night of free
Yet the lonely souls aren't living
They live let the time ticking by

They say the city life
A hot bed of lusts and desires
Besides opportunities of many kinds
When darkness falls the lonely souls cry

Many will jam in hot spots
Hoping to get laid hoping to get a date
But the chemistry sometimes isn't there
A time goes away a night of nothing

The mama girls; the paid hostesses
They need to get sacked and the cock screws
But the work they do aren't love but lusts
For the money but souls are empty

The city of lonely souls
It is still the same tale
Work opportunities but lonely nights
I left the scenes long long time ago

But a friend says it has changed
There are many hot spots and malls
The landscapes have reformed
But I know it is still the lonely nights

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