Monday, December 23, 2019

the smoking ban

Come January 1
The smoking ban will begin
In public places and eateries
There will be no excuse

A year has gone by
Letting the smokers to behave
Learn the rules and the law
The eateries operators too

The eateries operators
Don't say you will lose your business
There is no such thing in equal moments
You will attract more non-smokers too

The hard-core smokers
They will be make the hue and cry
Some have even brought to court
But they last the battle instead

Smoking is a dangerous habit to health
Like opium turns into other drugs related issues
If the law isn't cut into the smokers' screen
It is time to ban altogether on smoking

We will watch the scene
How the enforcement officers will conduct their rounds
They will bound to get resistances
The hard-core smokers will show their annoyance

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