Thursday, May 13, 2021

the sitting ducks


Moo has failed

He shouldn't sit and watch

What new way to combat the pandemic?

Nothing new but MCO

Still too many leeway

He doesn't know how to handle it

He takes his own time to say

By then the virus has new image

It has to be a total shut down

For a week to see the real result

As it stands today worrying about economy

This is the trick Moo shouldn't fall for it

The new entrant of B1617 and B1351

It will make the vaccines history

Because in an end scene the virus can attack

It will knock off the immune system

Even today those vaccinated still can be infected

The big pharma never want to disclose the true cases

The drug companies want to make monies quickly

A fear where billions can be made easily

Moo should give way

Let another party take the mettle

He has failed in his tasks

Even with the emergency to support him

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