Thursday, May 13, 2021

the dark angel roams


The dark angel roams

The back chart rising numbers

The falling of virus sickness

When people don't listen

The rules are meant to stop

The virus from spreading wide

The dark angel doesn't care

He wants to collect his souls

The vaccines can build walls

Forcing the virus to find other means

We can have time to harness our minds

Finding ways to stop the deadly virus

We have to find natural remedy

Where Nature has plenty to give

We can say the scientists are working

It will take them years to perfect a cure

Meantime what are we going to do?

Because the black angel will roam

Finding ways to take souls

We shouldn't be his easy target

While waiting for your vaccine

Drink baking soda and raw honey

Mix in a cup of water in the morning

It may help you to fight the virus

Don't let the black angel come freely

Let him work hard to collect his souls

We shouldn't be giving him an easy job

We have to fight until he gives up

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