Wednesday, May 19, 2021

when we are weak we shouldn't be aggressive


Don't blame Israel

Don't blame US

Blame the militants

They should know the losses

They are being used

Throwing their lives away

Properties and lost causes

Satisfying a need of richness

For decades they face

The never winning game of escalations

They should change their strategy

Negotiate for peace and settlement

The powerful nations will not support

These nations will be on the side of US and Israel

These leaders aren't going to get the low-down

They want to be on the winning formula

Even the neighbouring nations aren't supporting

They distance themselves on the recent escalations

They remember the 1947 war where they lost heavily

They aren't going to repeat the same mistake!

The militant leaders should recognize their losses

They will not win even with war declaring on it

The decades of hit and run aren't helping

Many die only memories remain

Learn the art of war by Sun Tze

Negotiate for a peace and fruitful settlement

Swallow pride work on saving lives and properties

When we are weak we shouldn't be aggressive!

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