Saturday, May 29, 2021

why spread so quickly?


Why spread so quickly?

Because of people who don't care

They think C19 will not catch them

They can have their good times and joy

Now many in contact have to cry

They get infected and needed treatment

As hospitals are nearly full in capacity

Some may not get the medications

While waiting to be vaccinated

Shouldn't we think of natural methods?

We are living around the cures of nature

Yet we don't spend time to find out?

Here is one remedy would help

Baking soda with raw honey in a cup of water

It can kill cancer virus by implosion

So it may do the same trick with C19

It is natural to drink

It helps to fight in our bodies

Against bad viruses or bacteria

It is easily available on line or in cake shops

Today it has recorded 9,020 infections

DG of Health has pleaded the people to stay at home

It was the wrong rules in last September 20 causing it

Now MOH has lost the fight with C19

At the current level we will see

The spike of C19 will jump to 10K

It will follow for the next few days

So stay at home when nothing to do

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