Tuesday, May 25, 2021

trying to beat the flow


The birds fly

Every where

There is no stopping

It's free flow in the sky

On the ground

The cats watching

Eyes glow with instinct

Watch the birds

Somehow the birds sense it

Flying on the top of the palm trees

The birds aren't flying low

They see the predators on slow

But the rule may change

The birds may forget or they may tease

One slight mistake it will take to fall

Be a victim in the cat's paws

Like humans we will play

Skip the SOP hoping to get free

Even dining in the cars

It's against SOP

We think of ways

Trying to beat the SOP

We should instead think of saving lives

Ourselves in the traffic of the pandemic

But the birds have no worries

They will still fly easily in the sky

No traffic but a game of aerobatic skills

While the cats watching with roving eyes

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