Friday, May 14, 2021

the hospitals are full


The hospitals are full

The public should realize

Don't play the ignorant fools

Don't let C19 catch you

Learn C19

The mutations on the scene

It spreads quickly

It will cause you worry

Maybe pain in your eyes

As you see family or friends cry

Don't think you are secured

When you are vaccinated

We still have to stick to SOP

Because of cases people get sick

Though they are fully vaccinated

So don't let C19 play its game

My nephew died in May 2

He got vaccinated in April 20

He complained of difficulty in breathing

He died on his way to hospital

Though doctor said he died of heart attack

We couldn't believe he was gone like that

Because the vaccine can cause heart inflammation

As I read the report in US

It maybe an isolated case

The fear of C19 and its mutations

Though the vaccines have its bad side effects

We still have our chances with the vaccines to fight back

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