Sunday, May 16, 2021

the homeless people


The homeless people

Living among us

In the cities, towns or villages

The sad eyes and the lost vision

They will look at you

Hoping for a grace

Cash or food to stay

Living on charity

But their lives are tough

Many will find it hard to stay

Living on any place to call a home

Sometimes they get rejection

We always say charity begins at home

Yet we find it doesn't really apply

Why support Palestinians cause?

Why they refuse to talk peace?

They aren't homeless

Through the generations

They can't accept they have lost

The game of intimidation not for peace

Right here in our back-yard

We forget our own people

The homeless and the original people

Living in a harsh reality of life

However, there are concerned people

By NGOs and soup kitchens

They run the show to help the homeless

But it is the government should provide it

The homeless people

There will be stories behind their lives

Our charity should begin at home

This is where it should begin

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