Tuesday, May 11, 2021

stay with SOP stay at home


The normalcy will not arrive

The change has come to the World

The economy will not reach its peak

There those rules to observe or fine

Rocking Rona is the cause

A year passed; it doesn't go away

It still floats like the busy wind

Sometimes strong; sometimes slow

All the while waiting to unleash

The tornado or twister with the wind

The World hasn't seen the end of it

While big pharma companies will profit

When there is fear

The greedy will capture it for profit

There will be an abundance to reel in

Like the big fishes getting caught in shallow seas

Rocking Rona

It doesn't want to disappear

It will teach us a lesson of sharing

A tolerance on religious faith as well

The normalcy isn't anymore

We have to protect ourselves

On the going of Covid 19

Stay with SOP; stay at home

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