Monday, May 24, 2021

get real on lock down


The bad traffic rules

In the mind it flows through

The half past 6 decision

Leaving the people in blue

The way it is going

Changes of rules will begin

Lock down the whole nation

Sacrifice the economy for a while

Lives loss can't be revived

Once lives are gone nothing to say

They will be in our memories

For a while then we all move on

Whereas economy can be revived

When the dreadful virus is contained

Everyone can go back to earn a living

Now it is a bad traffic rule in our minds

The towkays can count their monies

They can enrich themselves on fear

The short of supplies the high demands

Lives loss they don't see the reason

The back door isn't serious

It only wants to extend the emergency

The way is out if Parliament returning

The back door can't stomach the losses

Get real on lock down

The people have to stomach it as well

Let the virus find its way to the ground

Into dust it should be returned

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