Tuesday, May 18, 2021

living free the pages of life


To sell or not to sell?

Leaving there let others enjoy?

The house you may not return

Cut the ties keep the memories

Renting can cause headaches

Sometimes rent will not be paid

Mortgage loan needs to pay

Scratching your head on finance

Of course there is the professional agent

The commission needs to be paid

Doing all the leg work and taxes

Is it worth the cost to hang it there?

Keeping it in long term

2 decades down the road

The house may fetch a higher price

Turning it into a gold mine

That's the future to realize

Will it happen; will it bomb in price?

The future isn't for us to know

We can only predict with some guess work

If you unload it now

You may get a good return

You are house debt free

You will know what to do

At the current situation

The ongoing pandemic

It is good to hold on to cash

It's the life blood to survive

It is good to live in debt free

Though many may live in high gear situation

Living in a domino effect until something changes

Living free the best way to the pages of life

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