Saturday, May 08, 2021

win or lose part of a game


The small black ravens

Flying around in group

Hanging on the electric cables

Tweeting loudly of fruits nearby

The papaya trees

Shooting up tall with fruits

Some have turned yellow

The owner still looking

But the small black ravens

They hope to fly in and have a feast

The owner isn't going to stay away

So they stay tweeting loudly

Nothing changes

The status quo remains

The small black ravens

Red eyes long beaks tweet

The fruit will stay

So near yet so far

The owner stays on his ground

The small black ravens fly away

Just like the wolves

Howling so loud and aggressively

In the end there is nothing new

They may rethink of pulling it out

As it is

The wolves will not win

Afraid to strike it out

Win or lose is part of a game

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