Monday, May 31, 2021

house to house vaccinations


House to house

The vaccinations can progress

It may look tiresome

It is for the long run

Back to the basic

It doesn't need gadgets

We want all to be vaccinated

Deploy personnel to get it done

Give to the states

Let them handle from the ground

Going from house to house

It will stop the over crowding

It can go by housing estates

It can go by districts with days in advance

Plan properly with sufficient medical team

House to house to get all vaccinated

Just a simple one page form

With the basic details and numbers in the house

List down the chronic illnesses in the box to tick

A box to tick for the vaccine injected

It is for mass vaccinations

It has to be quick to get it done

No delay; no waiting; results count

Because C19 isn't sleeping on its job

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