Tuesday, May 11, 2021

exercise is good for the soul


Exercise is good for the soul

Every one should set a side a time to do

It doesn't take too long to finish it

It takes about 5 minutes to make you go

It all depends on your age

Young, adults or matured

Adopt certain exercises to perform

Do the right form no injuries will occur

The matured should walk

Jogging shouldn't be participated

Because of the joints pain and elasticity

It will cause a slow motion in life

The pain will occur

Along the ankles and joints

Because of wear and tear

Jogging will cause more damages

Now even adults too are suffering

Pounding on the hard surfaces causing it

The healing takes too long to recover

When there are signals like pain

One has to make changes quick

Life, as you know, is to enjoy

The fruits in our hands or in our minds

Don't let pain or disease put it on hold

The wrong choices need to change

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