Tuesday, May 25, 2021

a weak leader shouldn't walk tall


The poor will be left holding straws

Counting the days they will be left with nothing

Facing a future besieged by a pandemic

Roaming at will in crowded places, malls or in the sky

Many will face a bleak future

Many jobs will be lost caused by the pandemic

Nobody wants to lose anything now

But many will have to face the truth

The restrictions will flow every time

Maybe changes will be introduced

The spike of infection will keep many worried

As the back door has lost its plot to win

The rich people will not worry

They have their nest eggs to carry through

They will survive in the long term of the pandemic

As they have planned it well

The middle class will feel the heat

As they will face the dilemma of long slow down

The economy will not pick up paces

Some may face a bleak future in distress

The back door should resign

Its leaders shouldn't hang on with it

Let a new party take over the reign

It should be PH to return its role

The pandemic makes its call

A weak leader shouldn't walk tall

He has no idea or skill to challenge it

He will be cornered in every step of his way

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