Wednesday, May 26, 2021

the back door has failed


The vaccines roll out

It hasn't picked up the paces

There are maybe traffic jams

On the layers of red tape

Of course the opposition speak it up

Telling the back door to buck up its work

It can't walk leisurely as C19 spike

Leaving the back door looking bad

Even Tun Dr Siti Hasmah

advocated compulsory vaccination

It will cut out the delay

Open it up for the states to manage

Currently, the desire herd mentality is slow

Because the back door hasn't got its act together

We hear of under dosing injection

What has really gone wrong?

Yesterday the C19 spike to over 7,000 cases

It will hit the 8,000 cases soon

And what will the back door do?

Walking in the clouds

The states must be allowed to order direct

Let the state leaders play their roles to combat C19

Because the central government has failed

The back door leaders should resign

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