Tuesday, May 11, 2021

the year of the back door


The year of the back door

It doesn't bring us joy but despair

The nation's finances in bad shape

So far nobody knows where the monies go

Over $600 billion in stimulus packages

Who or companies benefit from it?

In Sarawak it seems it has gone to cronies

Report lodged with Macc

The back door has to show it

So far nothing to highlight on

We are asking for accountability

We can't wait for the audit

Maybe the external auditors should come in

Do the work for free for the nation and people

Tell the people the affairs of the stimulus packages

The accountability of how it is disbursed

The back door dares not call Parliament

It has given too many excuses

Most of representatives taken their C19 jabs

So what's holding it back?

There is no majority

One man afraid to lose his chair

The weakest person holding on to power

Beholding to the support groups

The year of the back door

MCO will hit the road again

C19 isn't going away yet

It has no idea but to tag along

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