Saturday, May 29, 2021

the shoppers aren't waiting


Shoppers spend and run

Stocking up for the total lock-down

What rules will be issued?

Nobody seems to know

People aren't waiting

They feel they need to stock it up

Though they may realize of essential services

Many will not know what are they

So to play safe on the lock down

The shoppers buy in herd mentality

They don't want to get caught of no stock

It may happen like in Sydney Australia one time ago

The SOP on lock down

We haven't read it yet

This is the way of the back door

Planning is half way through

All the back door should go

C19 has multiplied with new mutations

The vaccines may not be effective in time

Let a new party take over and crack the wall of C19

The shoppers will not stand for listening

They want to stock up now and don't want to worry

Now they have 14 days or more days to stay at home

They rather play safe by stocking up goods

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